Big turn out in support of wheelchair athletics

Angela Hedges, sister of Baldonnel’s gold medal winning Paralympian Bo Hedges was at the event, competing for Team Hedges. She says it was great to see such strong community support for the evening.

“It’s been a great evening; lots of people have come out from various groups,” she says. “The RCMP is here, fire department, city councillors, Urban Systems, and the community. It’s good to have everyone come out and raise awareness for the Let’s Play Program.”


All those teams took part in a friendly wheelchair basketball competition, with Team Hedges emerging victorius.

Nancy Harris is the Program Coordinator for the B.C. Wheelchair Sports Association. She explains that the fundraising goal is to have 12 wheelchairs placed in the school district.

“The Let’s Play Program includes physical activities in the school system. We go in and do a bunch of different programs with wheelchairs in the schools. This event is to raise money to purchase wheelchairs for use for School District 60.”

Hedges adds that the program gives the message that there are still options for physical activity even if one has a disability.

“It’s evident and that’s why we’re trying to introduce it into the schools more,” she says. “You see now with the Paralympics, there is more and more participation in those as the awareness is risen, as well as the benefits of sporting activities for health.”

To cap off the evening, a wheelchair was presented to School District 60.