Chris Haugan takes first mountain bike race of the season

The race was held on the main loop circuit, and following Chris Haugan was Tyson Kaempffer of Vancouver who finished his race in 31:00.

Defending champion Matt Gilmore was in third place, finishing his ride in 31:30. Fourth and fifth went to Nicki Haugan and Tate Haugan. They finished with times of 32:21 and 34:10 respectively.


George Gamble took sixth spot as he finished his race in 35:10. Pat Ferris and Jolea Bilodeau took seventh and eighth. They clocked in with times of 39:59 and 52:30. Roger St. Jean completed the shorter version of the circuit, clocking in at 28:04.

Next up for the Blizzard Bike Club is a race this evening at 7 p.m., with another running of the Baldonnel Time Trial.