Dreher happy with changes in golf game

Dreher says changes in her swing has helped with her ability to hit the ball and have better accuracy in her shots.

“I’ve been making some pretty big changes, I’m just starting to become comfortable with most parts of my golf game,” she says. “I’m kind of feeling back to normal finally, it felt foreign for awhile. I’m starting to know where I should be hitting the ball, and where the ball will probably go.


Some faulty habits in her grip and swing are some of the reasons that led to her making the tweaks in her game.

“I never really changed my golf swing from when I was younger, so there was some bad habits that I had, grip was to strong, and my swing was to long,” Dreher explains. “I weakened up my grip and shortened the backswing, and just trying to get everything more compact. It’s pretty close getting it to where I want to be.

Dreher is in the middle of a busy stretch in her schedule right now. Going back to the start of May through the end of June, Dreher will be competing in seven events. Despite the busy schedule, she still finds herself on the course most days between tournaments.

“I get to the golf course by nine or ten, and then I’ll go hit balls for a couple hours and putt, and then I’ll go play a few holes or I’ll play 18 holes then practice afterwards,” Dreher says. “Sometimes I practice for longer than I was planning, then I end with 9 holes. I don’t really take many days off.”

The next event for Dreher is a big one. She’ll be in Minnesota for a qualifier for the U.S. Open. To qualify Dreher will need to finish in the top two. She’ll tee off on Tuesday for the single day event which will cover 36 holes.