Drive safe this May long weekend

He explains the top three causes of roadway fatalities in our region are from driving aggressively, impaired driving, and not wearing a seat belt. 

“Of those who were killed in collisions in recent years, 40 per cent were not wearing seat belts. Wearing a seat belt is without a doubt your best chance of surviving a collision,” he maintains, adding, “Speeding is the top single contributing factor to fatalities, with alcohol averaging 30 per cent as a contributing factor of all fatalities.” 


Anyone driving this weekend can expect to see check stops, with police checking that drivers are licensed and sober, as well as that towed trailers are connected properly. 

“Drivers must ensure that secondary coupling devices are properly attached between the trailer and towing vehicle, and if trailers are equipped with trailer brakes, that the emergency break away connection has been tested and is operational prior to being towed,” says Woodall. “This is a mandatory requirement.”

He adds that improperly connected trailers have killed two people in the Peace Region in recent years.