Fort St. John and Dawson Creek girls rugby team ready for Peace Wapiti

Shawn Henry is the coach for the rugby team. He says the team played well its last time out but also needed to work out a few areas heading into the game.

“The forward pack was starting to work well together, and the backs worked really well together again,” he says. “That being said, they were getting some plays done but struggling with others, so we’ve been working on fine tuning the plays that they have learned. We’re also hoping to connect the forward play and the back play heading into tonight’s game.”

Henry adds that while his team has a few nicks here and there, he is expecting to have all of his players in the lineup tonight.

“There’s some injuries, bumps and bruises and soreness with a couple players. Overall though, we don’t have any significant injuries that will keep anyone out of the game.”

Having a full complement of players will help the team’s cause as Henry knows the team will have their hands full with a high scoring Peace Wapiti team.

“Peace Wapiti has put up the most points in the league so far, so they’ll definitely be our strongest competition,” says Henry. “It should be a fierce battle out there. Both teams have won both games so far this season so this one is for all the marbles in the regular season because playoffs start after this.”

Tonights game gets underway at 7 p.m. from Dawson Creek