Fort St. John Ice wrap up volleyball season on a strong note

Debbie Mah is one of the coaches for the team. She says the teams focus and preparation heading into each game was solid as they worked into every game.

“We were really happy with how the girls stayed focused on taking each match as it came. We weren’t looking ahead,” she says. “We just wanted to play well with our transitions, offence, defence, and every match we were so proud of them as to how they were able to pull that together. We were down one point 8-0, but they didn’t give up, they communicated well on the court. It was like watching a well oiled machine as they fought hard for every point.

One of the traditions of the team is the Funky Monkey award, an award given to players after the game for working on their strengths. Mah says the game against Ardrossen saw the whole team get the award.

“Our Monday morning match against Ardrossen, a rivalry that we have because they beat us out of a previous tournament, we knew they had a big middle and how do we work around that middle,” Mah says. “The girls were so focused and pumped, and the Funky Monkey award went to everyone because it was such a group effort to put the ball down on their side and play it well on ours.”

The Ice won’t be back on the court until the conclusion of next year’s high school volleyball season in December.