Fort St. John/Dawson Creek girls rugby team finish undefeated heading into playoffs

Coach Shawn Henry says the team faced adversity in the game but managed to keep things together and put out a solid effort in the win.

“The girls came away with a big victory, and I think them being resilient really paid off,” he says. “No one gave up on any of the plays, and even when they had a couple of tries called back on them, they kept with it and were down in the second half. Then one of our speedy backs was able to go on a run and score in the corner.”


Heading into the game, Peace Wapiti led the league in scoring. Henry says that solid tackles and defence made things difficult for their opponents.

“Our tackling was phenomenal, and I don’t think Peace Wapiti had been up against competition that had tackling that was as successful as ours,” Henry explains. “The girls worked hard on finishing their hits and achieving low contact, and that was a difference maker for us.”

Up next for the team is their first playoff game against St. Joseph’s Catholic High School from Grande Prairie. Henry is hopeful his squad will be able to fix some of the errors they made against Peace Wapiti, and build on the practice leading up to today’s game.

“The girls are looking to get some of their plays together. I think there was a bit more broken play in the backline than we would have liked,” Henry says. “The girls would like to put some of their practice plays to the test and really get them to come off in this game.”

The girls face St. Joseph’s tonight in Grande Prairie.