Girls rugby team gearing up for second game of the season

There were only a handful of girls interested in each city, so they joined forces to create a regional squad.

Clayton Woodruff is one of the coaches for the team that plays out of Dawson Creek. He says the team came together quickly despite not knowing each other.


“They hit well, they move the ball well, and they gelled right away. Our five girls walked into the Dawson Creek dressing room, they were friends right away; it went really well,” he says. “These girls are making a lot of effort to come all the way from Dawson to have a practice, and same with our girls. Every game, every practice is a road trip for somebody, so the commitment is there.”

Despite the season already having started, Woodruff says he would welcome more players to the team if they are interested.

“I just got two new ones in the last few practices. I wouldn’t turn anyone away. It’s getting late in the season, and I wouldn’t want an injury, but if someone showed up we would start training them,” he says. “I don’t want to turn anyone away so anybody showing up can definitely join in.”

After tomorrow, the girls move onto a game against Peace Wapiti on May 16.