Jessyca Holland eager to return to the octagon after first fight

Holland says that even though it was great stepping into the octagon for the first time, she feels it was a fight that got away from her.

“It was awesome, but it should have been my fight. I have to give her props though. I had a reach on her, I just didn’t finish. I’m planning on having a rematch; I want one,” she emphasized. “I can’t wait to do it again.”


Despite losing, Holland knows what she would have done differently during the match.

“I watched the video, I should have just finished. In the first round I had her, and if I would have kept my distance and kept moving so that she couldn’t clinch me, it would have changed everything. That was my fault though, and I’ve learned from it.

The butterflies were present for Holland as she was entering her first fight.

“It was something else; I’ve never felt that way before. When I was warming up I couldn’t stay still. I was excited and maybe lost some energy from that.”

Holland is hoping to step back into the octagon as soon as possible, and is open to anything including jiu-jitsu competitions, kick boxing or anything else that comes her way.