North Peace Secondary School boy’s rugby team in action tomorrow against Dawson Creek

Clayton Woodruff is the coach for the boy’s squad. He says that he has seen the team compete and knows that his team will be in tough against a team that’s well coached and has a strong group of forwards.

“I’ve been down to Dawson to see them play. They have good coaching and two games under their belt,” Woodruff says. “They’ve got some strong forwards and they will be a tough team to beat, but I think if our guys are firing we’re going to have a real good game and maybe beat them.”


Woodruff hopes that his team will be able to create some momentum for themselves during the game and use their speed to keep the ball moving.

“I’m hoping to see them get into the end zone; I want to see them score. They didn’t score against Grande Prairie in their first game, so I want to see them get into the end zone and know how that feels like. I’m looking for them to stay wide and keep the ball alive and moving and not get sucked into the rucks,” said Woodruff.

Next up for the team is a tournament in Vanderhoof over the weekend. For the tournament, 11 players from FortSt. John will be joined with 14 players from Dawson Creek to form a roster. They’ll be on a bus with the girl’s split squad team from FortSt. John and Dawson Creek, as they are competing as well.