Peace Region theatre companies face off this weekend

On the first night, Stage North will be presenting Take 5, directed by Dale Hillman and Gilles Francour, which follows five actors as they struggle through a disastrous opening night. Despite not having a permanent rehearsal home, the play boasts of having experienced actors who take on both serious and comedic roles for the play, and sits at a enjoyable length of 45 minutes.  Look for some excellent performances, as Stage North has a history of winning awards at the festival over the years.

On Friday, the first of two shows from local theatre company Spectacular Chair Factory takes to the stage. The Breakfast Club, directed by Ted Sloan, has recently had a successful run at NorthPeaceSecondary School, and is an adaptation of the iconic 1985 film. The play is led by an enthusiastic group of young actors, with many entering the festival for the first time.

Then, Saturday night marks not one but three special events. The first is the premiere of Hallways, the second play submitted by the SCF. Hallways follows a group of students through a modern day of school, and is unique in the sense that it was written and created entirely by the high school actors who are in it The show is also directed by fellow peer Mason Temple.

Speaking of high school, the second event on Saturday will be a showcase by the drama class of North Peace Secondary, which promises to entertain the crowd with its young and enthusiastic talent. Then, adjudicator Stephen Drover will announce the awards of the festival, including which play will later represent the Peace River Zone at the provincial festival in Kamloops, known as Mainstage.

Each show starts at 7 p.m., and the public is encouraged to stay after each performance as Drover will offer his professional insight into each show, and then again the next morning, as he talks to the casts of the shows, and works on developing their skills. For those further interested in the arts, the professional award winning actor who is based out of Vancouver is offering a Shakespearian acting workshop during the weekend as well.

Tickets are now available at the North Peace Cultural Centre box office, and are $15 how for adults per, or $12 per show for students. For more information about Stephen and his workshop potential actors are asked to call 250-793 6715.