Regional District considering reverting back to old building bylaw

The PRRD heard from representatives from the Charlie Lake area and Chetwynd at yesterday’s Committee of the Whole meeting, as well as the real estate perspective on the matter from RE/MAX’s Trevor Bolin. Board Chair Karen Goodings says it’s become clear than many citizens aren’t happy with needing permits for certain structures, and the possible price tag those would bring along. 

“The rural residents, they’re fine with the B.C. Building Code,” she explains. “They really are uncomfortable with some of the permits and possible costs that have come through with the new bylaw, and so we need to look at that.” 

For example, building permits are required when constructing or altering a structure over 10 square metres, or constructing a deck over two metres off the ground. However, farm buildings, as well as sheds and greenhouses under a certain size, are exempt. 

Electoral Area C Director Arthur Hadland put forward a recommendation that the Regional District revert back to the previous Bylaw No. 1189, 1999, which was supported by the rest of the board. 

A recommendation to expand the public meeting process into the rural areas in addition to Dawson Creek, Fort St. John and Chetwynd was also supported. Goodings admits more consultation needs to go into any decisions about the future of the building bylaw. 

“I don’t think we’ve spent quite enough time looking at it. I think it would be really good if we had the public process and then looked at it,” she says. 4:44 “Certainly we’re hearing from the public and we want to hear more from the public, and then we can try to determine what is the best route to take.” 

Both recommendations will be brought forward to a future PRRD board meeting.