School District 60 principal shake up for next year

Principal of Northern B.C. Distance Education School Randy Pauls will replace Asai as Principal of NPSS and the Energetic Learning Campus. Current Distance Education Vice-Principal Norbert Kaspar will step up to fill his vacant position. 

Jason Gill will take over as NPSS’ Vice-Principal, moving from his current position as Principal of Taylor Elementary. Doug McCracken will move into his position, switching from his current role as Principal of Bert Ambrose Elementary. Current Principal of Prespatou Elementary Secondary School Dave Ritchie will take over at Bert Ambrose, and Craig Brownlee will fill his position at Prespatou. He has been reassigned from his current position of Vice-Principal at North Peace Secondary. 

Janet Haley will also be returning from a leave of absence to her position of Principal of École Central Elementary, meaning her temporary replacement Charmaine Chretien will be returning to her position as Vice-Principal of NPSS.