Successful weekend for rugby players from Fort St. John and Dawson Creek

It was a new experience for the boy’s of the two schools, who just last week were in competition against each other. The tournament marked the first time that they had played competitively as a team. 

Coach Clayton Woodruff says the boy’s team played solid considering they had never played as a group before. 


“We played Dawson on Thursday, they beat us 5-0, then we jumped on a bus together and made a team out of two,” Woodruff explains. “Everybody got along great, they gelled really well. The committed guys from Dawson and FortSt. John made the trip, and it went really well, everybody played well together.”

The team was rewarded for their efforts as they finished with four wins and two ties over the tournament. Woodruff says that putting a combined team together considering the circumstances was difficult at the start, however things smoothed themselves out as the weekend progressed.

“Trying to figure out who we were going to start was a challenge initially but us coaches agreed right away who was going to start, and it went well,” Woodruff says. “Once you get a game or two in, everybody loses that edge to play, and everybody got lots of playing time. For six games, that’s plenty of crashing and banging for everybody. We thought it may be a problem, but it wasn’t.” 

The boy’s from the high schools now go their separate ways as the squad from FortSt. John concludes their regular season tomorrow against Grande Prairie.