Taylor swimming pool set to open for upcoming year

Last year the District was unable to recruit enough lifeguards, and the decision was made to not open it, saving $20,000.

Tara O’Donnell is with the District of Taylor. She says despite having a full complement of lifeguards at the moment, she still encourages those interested to forward on the appropriate information.


“At this point we’re full, but I would never turn anyone down,” she says. “If someone has a resume and are interested, we would love to have them forward that on to us.”

People can submit their resume by visiting the District office, or by emailing Tara at [email protected] 

There are a number of ways people can go about visiting the pool this year. Individuals can pay cash for each time they come to the pool, or there are options for punch passes for 10 visits or season passes. Every option includes prices for children ages 12 and under, adults classified as ages 13-54, seniors 55 and over, or families up to a group of six.