Two local policies adopted at B.C. Chamber AGM

The intention is to adopt a strategy that has natural resource development projects leave communities better off, rather than just compensated.

For example, better off is the difference between a temporary camp with trucked in water and services, and a fully developed camp with in ground water and sewer infrastructure.


The second approved policy resolution is for the provincial government to encourage proposals for natural gas electric generation facilities, and to help with the development of natural gas fueled vehicles and infrastructure for consumers.

The wording of that recommendation was changed slightly to no longer include the phrase “first choice” for the consideration of natural gas projects.

The policy resolution that wasn’t supported by the policy board proposed including basic driver training as part of the curriculum for high school students.

In its decision, the board writes, “the Policy Review Committee do not believe that driver education is an appropriate role for the education system.”

First Vice-President Russ Beerling says the Chamber will now reevaluate that suggestion.

“We will likely look at that on the local level and maybe try again next year to get it passed provincially.”

The AGM was also a successful one for Director Moira Green, who was elected to sit on the B.C. Chamber Board to represent the northeast region of the province.