Under 17 Northern B.C. girls volleyball team finish in tier two at Nationals

Arie Kalkman is the coach of the girls squad. He says that his team played well despite encountering some strong teams from Alberta.

“We met up with several teams that we had to compete against to make it to first in provincials, and we won in a fairly strong manner,” he says. “Of course, there was a few other teams since it was the national tournament, and there was some stronger teams. The whole second division was mostly Alberta teams. We got into good competition and lost some of those matches, which was fair, and the ones we were capable of winning, we won.”


Kalkman adds that despite a struggle to kick off the weekend, his team bounced back the rest of the way.

“The first day there are three games played, and we lost those, so that put us in the B pool on the second day,” he says. “We then won all three which put us up to the losers of the A pool.”

The team encountered Quebec in the knock out round, and despite losing, the team felt like it was a winnable game.

“We came out a little over focused. We played okay, but I think the whole team knows that we didn’t have 100 per cent there just because we were a little frozen up.”

The team is finished with competitive tournaments for the year, but will continue with various drop-ins until the end of the school year.