Wheelchair Sports demonstrations in Fort St. John this week

The big event to cap off the week is a fundraiser being held at Dr. Kearney Junior High, in honour of local Paralympic gold medallist Bo Hedges. As Nancy Harris, the Northern Coordinator for the Lets Play Program, says, they are hoping to get wheelchairs for school district use.

“We’re doing a fundraising event to purchase wheelchairs to be used at School District 60,” she says. “We’ve actually brought several chairs that have been donated to School District 60 with us. We’re trying to get a minimum – and I say minimum because we can always use more – of 12 sport chairs donated or fundraised for, to get floating through School District 60.”

The wheelchairs will be used by children of all abilities to experience wheelchair sports.

Harris says the event will include games with members of the local RCMP and Fire Department.

“We’ll be doing some three on three basketball, the RCMP will be playing somebody, some firefighters, there’s a bunch of individual teams coming into play,” she says. “It’s open to the public by donation. We’re looking for extra or external sponsorship for chairs and we’ll be able to issue tax deductible receipts.”

Harris adds that they have a great deal with their equipment company which will only help the cause.

“We’ve got an excellent deal with our local equipment supply dealer. The price of the wheelchairs are about $4000, and we’re getting them for $2,000,” she says. “If some group wants to get together, or if we get a sponsor, we can get the logo on the back, so there is acknowledgement on the chairs.”

Friday’s fundraiser gets underway at 6 p.m.