51st Oilmen’s Golf Tournament comes to a close

The big winner in the championship division was Kevin McNee as he defeated Dillon Maier. The B side of the bracket saw Travis Eggers take the win as he beat Sheldon Wheeler.

Taking division one was John Telford as he met Tyler Patrick in the finals. Garry Ford was the winner on the B side as he beat Michael Gardner.


Division two saw Chris Ford and Len Holland meet in the final with Ford taking the win. Likewise on the B side, Tyler Kosick got the better of Ted Pimm in the finals.

The division three winner was Ron Smeeth as he played Todd Alexander in the finals. Taking the win on the B side of the division was Greg Hyndman as he played Lorne Adams.

Winning in division four was Ezequiel Miranda. He took the win over Darren Peebles in the final match play contest. Paul Wiens and Gord Hill squared off in the B side finals, with Wiens coming out as the winner.

Lee Hartman took the win in division five as he defeated Rui Miranda. Meanwhile in the B portion of the bracket, Abe Garcia was able to defeat Glen Rost in the finals.

In division six, Bill Pearson and Brad Herron teed off with Pearson emerging as the winner. Gerry Hiebert and Dean May were the final pair on the B side with Hiebert taking the win.

Gerald Pope came up just short in division seven as Russell Parker took the win. Tyler Levers meanwhile got the better of Reg Marquardt in the B portion of the division.

Gregg Pearson won in the division eight finals over Blair Meyers. Blake Bowyer and Garth Backus played in the consolation final with Bowyer winning in the final game.

Robin DeRose and Randy Morrow met in the division nine finals with DeRose emerging with the win. The B side had Andrew McFarlane and Ryan Tullock teeing off with McFarlane taking the win.

Winning in division 10 were Chris Jorven and Dave Marshall as they defeated Kyle Gardner and Graham Kosinski in the A and B side finals respectively. 

Taking the division 11 crown was Rob Petrone as he beat Tom Dunn. Chris Jungen won in the B side finals as he got the better of Ken Griffin.

Division 12 winners were Al Levers and Dorran Smith. Levers beat Shane Richter on the A side, and on the B side Smith defeated Bob Gardner.

Division 13 had Brett Wilson meeting Kelly Ollenberger in the final with Wilson coming out as the winner. Lionel Draves took the win over Ken Watson in the B match up.

Terry Little won in the division 14 finals as he defeated Len Fallis. Bob Kylo and Lorne Wieler were in the finals on the B portion of the division with Wieler coming out as the winner.

Tracy Travis and Brian Zieger met in the division 15 finals with Travis winning the match. Kirk Horychun beat Jeremy Tookey to win in the finals on the B side.

Troy Viens beat Kirk Rutz in division 16. The B side had Troy Bodnar defeating Don Sterling in the finals.

Division 17 had Tom Burch and Tim Toews meeting in the finals with Burch taking the win. Blaine Alexander meanwhile was able to defeat Ken MacGregor in the B side finals.

And in division 18 Pete Andrews and Steve Horychun met in the finals with Andrews taking the win. Dave Grace and Tyler Soule teed off in the B finals and Grace took the win.

The tournament featured 304 golfers competing in 19 divisions.