Archers on target at New Totem outdoor shoot

71 shooters participated in the shoot with participants coming from as far as Grande Prairie. Shooters ranged in ages from five  to 75 years old.

Curtis Harper is the President of New Totem Archery. He says it’s important to get all involved in the sport and makes sure that the club makes its young shooters feel welcome.


“It’s a family sport; we try and make it so everyone has a great time and no one gets left out,” Harper says.

The overall turnout for this year’s shoot was higher over years prior. Harper attributes that to more people being aware of the club and its meetings.

“I think it’s due to more advertisement, getting the word out earlier, and letting people know what’s going on.”

The group is hoping to find an indoor facility that will accommodate them for winter to increase the number of shoots they are able to have.

Below are the top finishers from each category:


1st place: Dhillon Bouck

2nd place: Calum Reid

3rd place: Karissa Porteous


Junior’s Traditional:

1st place: Brennen Chelle


Master’s 50:

1st place: Bob Pawlyshyn

2nd place: Joe Bayda


Men’s Open:

1st place: Ken Bouck

2nd place: Basil Szoo

3rd place: Travis Mannila



1st place: Sam Barrette

2nd place: Talia Daisley

3rd place: Isaiah Will



1st place: Spenser Davies

2nd place: Shayne Reid

3rd place: Oleh Dutka


Men’s Traditional: 

1st place: Gil Davis

2nd place: Lorne McBeth

3rd place: Louis Hofer



1st place: Jess Arsenault

2nd place: Ruby Manilla

3rd place: Julie Bouck


Ladies Traditional:

1st place: Susan Davis

2nd place: Myrna McDonough

3rd place: Amber Neave



1st place: Olivia Arsenault

2nd place: Byron Gunter

3rd place: Melvin Jarnagin



1st place: Riley Arsenault

2nd place: Emily Gunter