Beatton Community 4H archery fun shoot raises $2,000

Next year’s edition of Provincial 4H Week at the PNE will mark 100 years of 4H in the province. 

The group needs an additional $5,000 by next year to be able to make it down to the event. 


Christine Taylor organized the archery shoot. She says it’s important to get down to the event in Vancouver next year because 4H gives youth the chance to learn a number of things such as keeping track of records and the ability to speak confidently in public. 

“4H is a really great youth program, it teaches them a lot of life skills that are very important,” she explains. “They learn comparative judging, they learn how to keep records and how to manage finances. They learn public speaking, which is one of the top fears people have. So they’re usually a well organized, well rounded person when they come out of the program.” 

Approximately 24 people came out for the shoot. Beatton Community 4H is planning on selling Mega Lottery tickets, and expanding next year’s archery shoot to raise the remaining $5,000.