Bus service to Northern Lights College, hospital among approved transit changes

The City and B.C. Transit recently completed a transit review to make the system in Fort St. John more efficient, and fix issues like removing the stop from NLC to add one to the hospital. Draft recommendations were also taken to public open houses for further input. The recommendations in the review were then tested for feasibility, and all of the short term changes passed the test. 

Transit will be rerouted from areas with low demand to those with higher, which won’t have an impact on cost as route times and distances have been rearranged instead of increased. B.C. Transit Senior Transit Planner Matthew Boyd says the public response to the changes have been seen favourably.

Transit will now start making changes to the Riders Guide and its website, and it’s expected the changes, including new bus stops, will be in place by September.

There are also a number of medium and long-term suggested changes, like extending service later at night and on Sundays, and to other areas like the airport, which will be brought back to City Council when it considers its next budget.