Laura Conway-MacDonald a fan favourite and big winner at Northern Classic

Conway-MacDonald’s story hasn’t always been about body building. Body building is actually new to her, as she only started going to the gym in November of last year.

She says she grew tired of her old appearance and credits her trainer as being a big contributor to where she is today.

“I was pretty hefty; I weighed over 200 pounds and I had gotten sick of what I looked like and being a large person,” she explains. “So I decided to come to World Gym with my sister and I started taking spin classes that Krista Cowie taught. In all honesty, she’s what inspired me. She’s motivating and her spin classes were so much fun.”

After noticing the results in her lifestyle change, Conway-MacDonald says she thought about entering the competition, and her trainers were key in getting her to the level she needed to be.

“I got this idea that I wanted to do the show, so I had a little talk with Krista and Clayton [Foster], and they said that if I could give 120 per cent – because I had quite a ways to go – that she felt I could be where I needed to be at the show time,” she says. “I started with them December of 2012, lost 80 pounds and entered the show and won.”

Conway-MacDonald points to an embarrassing encounter leading to her decision to change her past life style.

“I walked into a doctor’s office where an old school friend had gone to school with me, and she asked me when my baby was due,” she laughs. “That was enough.”

Next for Conway-MacDonald and the rest of the winners from the Northern Classic is a berth in the B.C. Provincial Championships in New Westminster on June 22. Below are the results from the rest of Saturday’s competition.

Serge Gelfenbeyn finished first in the Grandmaster Men category, Chad Bringal took top spot in Masters Men, Craig Paterson was first in the Middleweight Men group, and Justin Fauth finished in first in the Heavyweight Men category. 

For the women, finishing first in Women’s Physique was Laura Conway-MacDonald, top spot in Fitness went to Zeng Allardyce, Kim Tait finished in first in Figure Masters, Figure Short went to Brenley Rosenblatt, the Figure Medium winner was Pam Jarratt, Amber Rimes took Figure Tall, Courtney Bishop won in the Bikini Short, the Bikini Medium winner was Jill Love, and first place in Bikini Tall went to Samantha Shorkey.

The overall winners were Craig Matterson for Men’s, Zac Bruce in Men’s Physique, Brley Rosenblatt for Figure, Courtenay Bishop for Bikini, and the best posers were Laura Conway-MacDonald and Henry Goldstein.