Mavericks Nightclub fire contained, roof collapsed

The fire has been contained to the Mavericks building, also heavily damaging the Stonewerx retail location on 102 Avenue. The Fireside Steakhouse & Lounge next door sustained heavy smoke damage, but the business has been closed since a different fire a number of years ago. Shorty says other buildings on the block might have received some minor smoke damage as well. 

At this point, what started the fire is still unknown as investigators are not yet able to get into the building. 


“The roof has collapsed on it, so it’s going to be tough to get it,” says Shorty, adding that the roof of the building posed a problem when fighting the fire. “The problem with these older buildings is that they have more than one roof on them,” he explains. “The problem here is that it got into the roof’s crawl space… and it got very difficult to get the water to the fire. The fire broke through the roof very quickly, so once that happened we were able to get water into some areas.” 

No civilians or firefighters have reported injuries. The road is still blocked off, but firefighters are working to clean up so traffic in the area can resume.