Nearly $12,500 raised during MC Rehabilitation Strongman Competiton

Mike Friesen was among those taking part in the event. He says the event raised close to $12,500, with over half of that total being raised by one person.

“Our top fundraiser this year was amazing, Lori Heins. She raised $7,000 for the North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre,” he says. “We accumulated around $12,500 in total for the North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre this year.”


Moving has resulted in increased costs for the group. As a result, Friesen says the fundraiser comes at a great time.

“I know they just moved into a new place not to long ago, so obviously their rent has increased,” Friesen explains. “Their a non profit organization, and I was just having a discussion here with a lady that’s representing them and she says it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Overall, 12 competitors took part in five events. Below are the top three finishers from each event.

Tire Flips: 1st place Peter George, 2nd place Lawrence McGinn, 3rd place Elliott Knight.

Farmer’s Walk: 1st place Adam Horst, three way tie for second, third and fourth between Ashley Reder, Kristine Doerksen, and Lawrence McGinn. 

Ball Toss: 1st place Jeremy Cote, 2nd place Mike Friesen, 3rd place Adam Horst.

Heavy Prowler: Three way tie – Mike Friesen, Lawrence McGinn, and Adam Horst.

Crucifix: 1st place: Adam Horst, 2nd place Peter George, 3rd place Mike Beaudoin.