Public input now needed on proposed Fort St. John boundary extension

This time around, the City wants to make sure residents are kept in the loop from the beginning of the process, and are properly consulted. An informal public meeting has been scheduled for June 26 at the Lido Theatre, with a follow up meeting set for September 26. 

Mayor Lori Ackerman explains that the process is going to be different from the last time a boundary extension was attempted. 


“The intention of the meeting on the 26th is to ensure that the residents and the businesses impacted are able to come to staff and council and ask for whatever information, because the last time it was done, a package was created and sent out to them, and so this time it’ll be the other way around.”

Council formally withdrew its most recent application to include more land in its boundaries in February 2012, needing better clarification on the guidelines for boundary extension. The City has been considering the process since 2007, as a way to accommodate the growth of the city, clean up current borders, and more recently, manage the potential impacts of Site C. Some of the lands within this proposed expansion are expected to be developed if the dam is approved, so the City wants to incorporate them beforehand to ensure they are developed to its standards.

A link will be set up on the City’s website similar to the Let’s Talk Site C campaign, for public comments and concerns. 

“I think it’s important to have that conversation moving forward, because this [process] can be confusing,” adds Ackerman, “so we want to make sure that it’s as open and transparent as possible.”