Run for Recovery makes last pit stop in Taylor

At this point, Brown has run over 330 kilometres around the Peace Region, after first leaving Fort St. John on June 15, to raise money for the Northern Lights Recovery Centre being built in the area. That’s a lot of time to think, and Brown says she’s been using that time to reflect on the cause she’s running for. 

“This has definitely been a journey where I’ve been able to process a lot, send out a lot of prayers,” she says. “My biggest prayer is for the facility and the impact it will have on many people’s lives, in hopes that it will change them forever for something better.” 

Chair of the Centre’ Society Chair Bruce Lantz says it’s clear her passion and belief in the project keep her going.

“I think it’s just an amazing accomplishment for this woman to do, and what’s even more amazing is her support for what we’re trying to do in creating a drug and alcohol treatment centre here in the northeast for the northeast.”

He adds the stop in Taylor is particularly poignant, as the district was the first to lend its support to the centre. 

Brown is now on her way to Fort St. John, where she will be welcomed back with an event at the North Peace Cultural Centre at 3 p.m.