Semi-final spring basketball results

In the Junior division, Team Teal fell to Team Purple 53-32. The player of the game for Team Teal was Kelsey Decker, and the top player for Team Purple was Brady Lawler.

Team Red were victorious over Team Green 38-17. The top player for the Reds was Tyne Tkachanko, and Jacob Bruce was recognized for Team Green.

Team Yellow just got by Team Black 18-17. Chantel Amstrup was the top player for the Yellows, and the player of the game for the Blacks was Ryan Quigley.

In Senior Girls play, Focus defeated Northern Valve 49-27. Becky Bergen was recognized for her efforts for Focus, and the top player for Northern Valve was Sierra Koop.

Jiffy Lube came out on top of D. Bauer 61-36. Jiffy Lube’s top player was Catherine Johnson, and Chelsie Fisher was given the player of the game for D. Bauer.

Senior Boys action saw Jiffy Lube beat D. Bauer 63-50. Garet Whitford was Jiffy Lube’s player of the game, and Chris Seguin was D. Bauer’s top player for the contest.

Northern Valve narrowly got past Sunlife 38-34. Ezra Lainsbury was the top player for Northern Valve, and recognized for Sunlife was Cole Bausman.

Finals for spring basketball will take place next Tuesday from the gym at North Peace Secondary School.