86 Street now open to public traffic

“The remaining works are generally dealing with the pathway and out at the road surface there,” he explains. “It would be the paving of the pathway, hydroseeding, fencing, typical clean up landscaping stuff at the moment, and minor deficiencies.” 

While the stretch from 100 Avenue and 109 Avenue is now open to the public, the Ministry is trying to keep traffic down to local use for the safety of the remaining work crews. 


“We’re encouraging people if they don’t live there and they don’t have to use it to still go around during construction hours, but it’s open to general use if people need to go through there,” Schwuchow explains.

The paving was originally supposed to be done last fall, but the snowy October in Fort St. John meant the road was left with a gravel surface over the winter. B.C. Hydro’s portion of the work, which included putting the power lines underground and installing an underground duct bank, has been completed.