Blizzard Bike Club win Challenge Cup 2 against Grande Prairie

Chris Haugan led the way for the Blizzard as they brought 14 riders to the event. He won the main event at the races, clocking in at 1:23:50. Dean Gravill of Grande Prairie finished second with a time of 1:24:22, and Tyler Stadnick also of Grande Prairie took third as he finished the race in 1:25:14.

Gary Hilderman won the three lap event with his time of 1:11:22. He was followed by Roger St. Jean with a time of 1:21:00, and Dawit Feyissa at 1:21:23.


The winner of the two lap event was Steve Magusin from Grande Prairie. He finished the race in 46:18. Tate Haugan finished in second place at 48:38, while third went to Pat Ferris at 49:55.

Meanwhile, Tate Haugan won the single lap event with a time of 38:48.

The Blizzard Bike Club return to racing Wednesday night as they take part in the Cactus mountain bike race at 7 p.m.