Fort St. John Alliance Church still going strong after 75 years

Gord Klassen is the Associate Pastor at the church. He points to making an effort in the community as one of the reasons the church has been around for so long.

“One of the things we’ve done as a church over the years is try to really focus on reaching out and helping out in the community,” he explains. “We’ve done a lot of practical things to help people out, so if our church wasn’t here, hopefully it would be missed.”


He adds that there are many things he is proud of that the church contributes to, including having free clothing giveaways, and work with the Fort St. John Child Development Centre.

“Fort St. John Alliance has been involved for many years doing things like the soup kitchen, we’ve had a free clothes giveaway, we’ve projects where we’ve given towards the Child Development Centre, the fire department, and different organizations in the community,” Klassen says. “I think we’ve been really helpful on that level, as well on a personal level with people who have day to day needs.”

The church is making an effort to change the way it operates so that those who may not attend church will be encouraged to come and feel comfortable in the surroundings, and hopes to make it more of a fun experience going forward.