Fort St. John Farmers Market eyes soon-to-be demolished Visitor Information Centre

He argues the building fits many of its requirements, including having only one story, being near a B.C. Transit stop, and being wheelchair accessible. Other venues that have been offered to them reportedly have not met their needs. 

However, as Councillor Trevor Bolin points out, the decision last February to demolish the VIC came primarily from the extreme price tag that repairing it would come with. He says a report found that it would take well over $100,000 to bring the building back up to the building code. However, Hetman says he plans to seek grants and sponsorships to fund any needed renovations, and is already in the process of securing grants. 

The Farmers Market’s lease with the City to use the North Peace Arena is up at the end of the year. There is $400,000 over 2013/2014 in the City’s budget for the demolition and relocation of the Visitor Information Centre.