Fort St. John one of many stops for Tour d’Afrique

Henry Gold is on the tour, and runs Tour d’Afrique. He says the company has been organizing rides for over ten years, and originated in Africa. 

“This is a company I started 11 years ago. I used to work in Africa, and we decided to do a tour that had never been done before by anybody, and that’s a tour and a race from Cairo to Cape Town,” Gold explains. “It was a big success, some of the clients started asking what was next, and we started to develop essentially a bicycle tour across every continent in the world.”


Gold adds that the North American Epic Bicycle Expedition is the first tour to go throughout all of North America.

“Now we are doing for the first time ever; it’s never been done by a commercial outfit, a tour of North America from Anchorage to Mexico City,” he says. “It’s part of what we now call the Seven Epics, which are essentially seven big tours across continents.”

Currently there are 21 riders in FortSt. John, however the numbers vary as the tour progresses as people can do certain segments of the ride.

To see the events be as successful as they have become is something that Gold is very proud of.

“It’s very gratifying; I thing cycling is growing, and what we’re doing is growing, it’s the best way to see the world,” Gold says. “You have time to stop and interact with local people, you stay in local places, you eat at local places; it’s tourism unlike any other tourism.”

The tour is expected to conclude October 27. For more information on Tour d’Afrique, click here.