Killbillies exact revenge on Gold Pain

Amanda Rathburn is one of the members of the Killbillies. She says it was great to have the squad play as a team throughout the contest.

“We had a great game; the team pulled together as a team. Everyone did as they were supposed to do. We had a strong game and a strong finish which was awesome,” she says.

Rathburn points to the difference between the two games as the team’s ability to simply show up and take care of the business at hand.

“I think hosting the game, and having to put the whole thing together puts a lot more stress on the girls than we realized,” she explains. “Being able to show up, and just put in what we do in practice, [and] put it on the floor, it really seemed to make a difference.”

She adds that the game was good news all around on a number of levels, including injuries and the debut of new players.

“We had no major injuries. We had two girls on the floor who it was their first real bout, and they did fantastic. It was just a happy win across the board,” Rathburn says.

Next up for the Killbillies is a return to the North Peace Arena on August 10 against the Grimshaw Reapers, a team Fort St. John handily defeated earlier in the season, 300-145.