Locals shine at Vancouver Island MusicFest

The festival was the first ever for Twin Peaks’ Lindsay Pratt and Naomi Shore, and one they won’t soon forget. They got to share the stage and backstage with several artists who have been exactly where they are in their careers. Shore says one of the best pieces of advice they got was from members of Saskatchewan-based Library Voices, on group dynamics while touring.

“Remember why you’re here,” she says they told her. “It’s really hard, but it’s worth it; it’s all going to pay off, hopefully, and just the value of remembering why you started doing this, and it was awesome, even if you’re sleeping in the back of your van.” 


The festival itself may be a jumping point for the duo, as the annual festival draws crowds of over 9,000. It was clear many festival-goers fell in love with Twin Peaks, making sure to catch them at each of their four appearances. It’s also led to their first real experience of fame. 

“Yesterday morning in Courtenay we went for breakfast, and we got stopped in the middle of breakfast and asked for our autographs on a CD, so that was a big deal,” Shore jokes. “I had to phone my mom and be like, we just had our first ‘star sighting’ at breakfast… our first meal interruption for autographs.” 

Most of all, the experience gave them a refreshed look at their budding careers, and a bit of a push to keep going. 

“To win people over, to have that many people in one shot be like, ‘this is great, you’re great, keep going,’ it was pretty crazy,” Shore says. “It was like an affirmation that we’re supposed to be doing this, because look how many people like it.” 

The band is also in the midst of recording their next album, and it’s more than likely there will be a VIMF influence on it. They return home later this month for a show with Steve Brockley on July 24.