Peace Island Park reopened after evacuation

Peace Island Park caretaker Barb Bell says campers were able to return a day later. 

We just rebuilt the road and then the pressure was off,” she explains. “Some of the campers went back in and camped and some of them had their trailers back in when they reopened the road, so it was all good.” 


Although the river is back to safe levels for the campground, Cook says whether it will be an issue this summer is all up to Mother Nature. 

“For five years it never washed out, then last year it was closed for six weeks,” she says, adding that this incident is the aftermath of the heavy rains the area experienced last week. “That just arrived here that weekend. It rose five feet that day. We thought we were in the clear – it dropped a foot and a half – but then something must have broke loose.” 

A number of spots in the Pink Mountain area were reportedly also evacuated due to that rainfall.