Public vigilance urged in reducing Chetwynd crime

“Since my arrival to Chetwynd over a year ago I have put out several media releases asking citizens to please remove the keys from the ignition, lock your vehicle doors, refrain from keeping valuables in your vehicles, please do not leave money in your vehicles, however, these incidents persist,” she says. “Please help us to help you and take this advice.” 

In addition to those steps to reduce theft from vehicles, police also recommend having someone check on your house regularly if away for an extended period of time as one step to prevent residential break and enters. Motion sensor lights, alarm systems and keeping ATVs and bicycles locked up is also recommended. 

Trembley adds that while it may seem like a safer spot, thefts occur in rural areas as well.

“Often residents feel that because they reside in the country of their property is off the ‘beaten path’ that they are safe from the sorts of crimes,” she argues. “This is not the case.” 

Several of these types of break and enters and thefts are being investigated, along with suspects being identified and charged, but RCMP maintains the public’s help is needed.