U.S. Women’s Open a great experience for Kirby Dreher

Despite the course being extremely challenging, Dreher says the course was in tip top shape, and the players had to be at the top of their game.

“The golf course was unbelievable; it was in amazing shape,” she says. “It was extremely tough; they don’t make anything easy on you out there. The greens were the hardest greens I’ve seen in my life.”


As for the greens themselves, Dreher said that they were significantly sloped, forcing players to make big changes to their shots.

“They were sloped, extremely sloped. Sometimes you’d have to aim 20 feet to the right and let it trickle down to the hole,” she explains. “It was a lot different than what I think any of us have ever played before. You had to really pick out a spot and figure out where you were going to hit it and what the ball was going to do.”

As it relates to her tournament specifically, Dreher was satisfied with how she played, but says it was difficult to gauge the speed of the greens. 

“I hit the ball well, I just didn’t putt very well, and I wouldn’t say it’s because the greens were extremely hard; I just couldn’t get a good feel for the speed of the greens,” Dreher says. “[The] second day I played okay. I played overall maybe a little better than the first day actually with my short game coming around a bit, but ended up scoring worse.

She was also fighting illness on her second day.

“I was actually sick the night before my second round, I went out and played 18 holes without putting anything in my body because I couldn’t keep anything down. I was proud of how I played, and there was nothing that was going to keep me from playing that second round.” 

Dreher says taking part in a major tournament and all the extras that go along with it is something that she enjoyed.

“It’s cool to be in the atmosphere of playing in a major because you get tons of TV coverage, and it’s a pretty well covered tournament for women’s golf which, compared to men, we don’t get as much,” she states. “There was a lot of people out there and it was fun, there was tons of spectators, and it’s exciting to be around those golfers that have accomplished so much, and what I’m hoping to accomplish in my career.”

Dreher is back in action next Monday as she’s in Waterloo for the LPGA Manulife Classic. The Monday event is a one day qualifier where the top two finishers will qualify for the main tournament that upcoming weekend.