Warren Hillis a big winner at Northern Lights Raceway, advances to Border Bandits Race in Edmonton

Hillis has won every No Box Ironman trophy that has been handed out at Northern Lights Raceway. Joining Hillis in Edmonton will be Tyler Musgrove in the Junior category, and Cody Liwiski in the Box category.

In Saturday’s races, the Junior Ironman winner was Ty Hollingshead, and second place went to Hayden Ljuden.

The Pure Street Ironman winner was Mike Dixon. The runner up for the event was Gordon Pruden.

Warren Hills took first place in the No Box Ironman races. Taking second place was Amber Rutherford.

James Bast was the winner in the Box Ironman grouping as he beat out Jamie Bailey.

Winning in the Bike/Sled races was Joanne Moore, and Bruce Romak finished second.

To conclude Saturday’s races, Kaelie Morton won in the Junior Jackpot.

In Sunday’s Junior Ironman races, taking the win was Tyler Musgrove, and second went to Lane DeRose.

Jada Miller won in the Junior Jackpot, while Mike Dixon won in the Pure Street Ironman. Todd Johnson was the runner up.

Warren Hillis again took the No Box Ironman win, and second was Kevin Fehr.

Cody Liwiski was the winner of the Box races. Graham Foster finished second.

In the Bike/Sled group, Tom Ljuden took first place, while Bruce Romak once again was the runner up.

Sunday’s Jackpot winner was Richard Beam.

The Fort St. John Drag Racing Association is off for quite some time as they won’t return to the track until August 24 and 25. In the mean time, the North Peace Bracket Racing Association will next be tearing down the strip next weekend.