Average temperatures and precipitation expected for Fort St. John this fall

Meteorologist Elena Lappo says the coast is likely to get more precipitation, but the Peace Region in the inland should be much drier. 

“But with the cooler temperatures, we are going to be seeing some snow starting to come in in the fall months,” she adds. 

While temperatures are expected to stay on average this fall, it’s also normal to have lengthy periods of both cooler and warmer weather. Seasonal temperatures for the EnergeticC ity go from 15 degrees Celsius in September, falling to minus three in November as a daytime high. 

“These are the averages, and we’re actually forecasting a fairly average season, so you should expect numbers to be pretty close to the averages,” explains Lappo.

The Fort St. John area will typically see 56 millimetres of rain and 52 centimetres of snow between September and November, and the Weather Network is expecting either normal or slightly above normal precipitation. However, how and when that will come is harder to predict. 

“We’re not expecting any records, however if it’s one big huge storm and it just happens to bring that much rain or snow into the area, unfortunately ahead of time it’s hard to predict those one-time events that could potentially be pretty bad.” 

At this point it’s also too early to estimate how long winter will last.