Driver okay following crash at Northern Lights Raceway

Brian Bates is with the Fort St. John Drag Racing Association. He says the crash took place while in time trials after Shook had encountered grip issues during his race.

“During our second set of time trials this morning, we had a fellow go up there to make a pass in a black Camero with a blown alcohol motor in it,” he explains. “When he left, he had a little bit of troubles with traction, and peddled the car a little bit as he got further down track, he lost control of it, it skidded quite a ways down the track and ended up rolling over.”


Thankfully, Bates adds the emergency personnel were on the scene quickly, and Shook was uninjured despite the accident.

“Our emergency services got to him really quickly. He’s unhurt, the car is a different story though, it’s pretty wrecked,” he says. “He was probably doing about 160 miles an hour when the car started to roll over, so I think it was a pretty rough ride on him.”

Races are now continuing this afternoon after oil and debris were cleaned from the track. The races were held up throughout the clean up, so the lost time will be made up throughout the weekend. The event marks the final races on the schedule for the Fort St. John Drag Racing Association, and will continue Sunday and Monday.