Fort St. John Huskies return to the ice to kick off try outs and training camp

Gary Alexander will once again lead the Huskies behind the bench. He says that as is usually the case, the first time back on the ice wasn’t as crisp as practices will go throughout the season.

“First ice time is always a little bit sloppy, you can see the conditioning isn’t there, the timing and all that stuff,” he explains. “But I thought there was some pretty hard work for the condition they were in, and they were aggressive. They took the body in the drills, and the passing was decent.”

The head man says that with not many free roster spots available, those pushing to make the team through try outs will have to be determined to work hard and push the existing players throughout the camp.

“They have to come in here with a pretty dedicated set up for themselves, talent doesn’t always mean everything,” Alexander says. “We look at a lot of things, we look at hard work, behavioural patterns, discipline. In the long run they kind of weed themselves out as we go, because we let them know what we’re looking for and they have to fill that void, and if they can’t we have to find someone else.”

The Huskies return to the ice at the Pomeroy Sport Centre tonight for another session for 7 until 9 p.m.