Fort St. John International Air Show to return in 2015

Hamre says from both a performer and production standpoint the Air Show went “fantastically”, but rain on both days had an impact on its final success. The show was cut short Saturday night, and paraplegic hang glider Dan Buchanan was unable to perform Sunday after a short downpour. 

“Our numbers were down severely because of the weather,” she explains. “We normally have 5,000 more people at our show. We can control everything on that field, we just can’t control the weather.” 


The final count of attendees is not official yet, but the money raised should be able to cover the bills, while not leaving much of a surplus for the next show. Preparation for 2015 starts this September, as applications to get performers need to be submitted two years prior. Once those are in, the Air Show committee will get a better idea of when it will be held. 

Planning a mid-week one-time show is cheaper but gets fewer sponsors, and if the weather fails, the loss could be greater as it depends largely on how many people come out. On the other hand, holding two shows on a weekend costs more than double, but if one show is rained out, it could be redeemed with better attendance at the second show and more sponsors. 

“It’s more expensive with a two day show, but you have that second chance should you have weather,” argues Hamre.

The return of the Canadian Snowbirds will be a priority for booking the next show.