Heavyweight Taekwondo Champion now residing in Fort St. John

Zaleski has been involved with the sport all his life, and was taught the tricks of the trade by his dad.

“My dad is an eighth degree master instructor, so I’ve basically been doing it since I was out of the womb,” he says. “I’m 26 now, but I didn’t start training until I was about six years old.”

His resume of accomplishments is an extensive one, having taken part in a number of competitions around the world.

“I won [the] world championships 2008 in Italy, in Venice. I came second in another tournament called the International Goodwill Championships in Dallas, Texas in 2011,” Zaleski explains. “Then I came second in the last world championships in Birmingham, England in 2010, and then I came second in October in Poland, that was the European championships.”

Zaleski, who has recently joined FiveStar Athletics to continue his training, says his training covers a number of areas including up to two hours of bag work, stretching, and sparring.

In the mean time, Zaleski plans on camping with his fiancée before entering into training for a tournament in October, a World Cup event in Edmonton.