Killbillies cap most successful season yet with 169-140 win over Grim Reapers

The Killbillies led throughout most of the game, and held a healthy 118-70 lead. The Grim Reapers battled back in the second half, getting to within 19 points, but that’s as close as they would get. Team captain Amanda Rathburn says that the girls throwing there bodies around the track contributed to the score closing in the latter stages.

“It did get closer, and I’d attribute that to the bigger hits, it tires us girls out, it does take that much more out of you,” she explains. “Like tonight was the first night I had my bell rung, I saw stars for the first time tonight, I’ve never been hit that hard.”


Rathburn was happy with how the team played compared to their last time out at the North Peace Arena when they lost to Quesnel. Despite that loss, she was happy the fans came back last night for the final game of the season.

“I think it’s quite big as a team, Last time I’d say we buckled under the pressure, we wanted to put on a show, we wanted to entertain, we wanted to gain fans and we struggled,” Rathburn admits. “Tonight to be honest, there were more people here than I thought would be here, it’s really awesome to see. I’m glad we could finish with a good win.”

The team’s captain was happy for her teammates, a group that featured some new faces with some regulars out of the line-up.

“I have so much pride for my team, I am so proud of every girl who stepped out there tonight,” she says. “We had three girls who were basically new to our roster tonight, and they were out there beside me every time doing exactly what they practiced, and showing they are learning, and willing to do what it takes”

Prior to the season, the Killbillies had never won a game in roller derby, however that changed with three wins this year. Rathburn says the team finally gelled, and credits coaching for the turn around.

“Up until this year, we had not won as a team, this was our first break out year. ‘We’re pretty much dubbing it as ‘we became a team’. We played as a team, we showed as a team,” she explains. “Our coach has been with us the whole time. With any league of anything, we have a board. Our board sat behind 110 percent with whatever the coach said, and he knows what he’s doing, and allowing him to do his thing shows on the track.”

The Killbillies will now be off until next February before they return to the track. The team wanted to thank its fans and the local community for their support.