Lilly the dog rescued from narrow ledge along Peace River

It’s unclear how she got there, but police say she must have either wandered down, or tumbled over the cliff for around 200 metres. 

A jet boat with a Hudson’s Hope RCMP officer and two firefighters was deployed to the area around 2 p.m. Sunday, but were unable to coax Lilly down from her spot. The currents of the Peace River and that day’s high winds were also working against the rescuers. 

They returned with a ladder and rope, and Constable Bernier managed to climb up the side of the river bank and lead the Golden Lab down with a rope tied around her. She was reunited with her worried owner at the river’s edge, and luckily only sustained minor injuries. 

“Despite being out on the side of the river overnight and being exposed to sun and wind for the entire day, Lilly just needed a dip in the river and a nice long drink of water,” says Hudson’s Hope RCMP Detachment Commander Corporal James Fenske. “She only suffered minor abrasions.  As a bonus, Lilly and her owner got an RCMP boat ride to the nearest boat launch and were sent on their way home safe and sound back to Chetwynd.”