North Peace Bracket Racing Association name yearly winners

The overall track winner for this season is Dane Lucas, King of the Hill went to Mason Dufresne, Todd Johnson was the Pure Street King of the Hill, and Lane DeRose was the Junior King of the Hill.

The top Box Class racer was Kelsey Dufresne, the No Box Class winner was Warren Hillis,  Dane Lucas took a second award as he won the Pure Street Class, and Tim Kozie took the Bike/Sled Class crown.


Meanwhile, in the final race event of the season, the Bumper to Bumper Bracket Nationals, Saturday’s winners included Devon Kowalski in the Junior Class. Gord Pruden won in the Pure Street Class, Tim Kozie finished first in the Bike/Sled events. In the No Box Class races, Warren Hillis finished first, and in the Box Class races, Kelly Dufresne was the winner.

In Sunday’s events, Lane DeRose was first in the Junior Class, Dane Lucas was the winner in the Pure Street Class, Jason Bezovie took top spot in the Bike/Sled races, Darrel Charles won in the No Box Class, Mike Lucas was the winner in the Box Class, and Junior Jackpot winner was Tyler Musgrove, while the Overall Jackpot winner was Marlin Chase.