Practices intensify as Huskies prepare for season

Coach Gary Alexander says that he’s been happy with how players have responded to practices despite the occasional hiccup.

“I think the practices have all been going good, good tempo, pretty good attention to what we’re doing,” he explains. “Sloppiness is of course a little bit there, but everybody is pretty enthused. We’re still a little short on numbers, but it looks good.”


He adds that while the team does have goals of where they want to be come the season opener in Dawson Creek, what’s more important is working with at the time.

“It’s not a matter of where we’re hoping to have them, it’s where we will be at the time. The regular season is for ironing out all the kinks,” he says. “Training camp is for getting them in a little better shape, and see what you have, and who will play with who. I think we’ll be at a fairly decent level by that time.

In the practices ahead, Alexander says the team will continue to up the pace of the practices, while getting the players used to how the coaches want various schemes played out on the ice.

“We’ve got another two weeks at least to work on stuff, so we’ll up the tempo, we’ll try to get a little more system in as we move along here,” he maintains. “[I’m] not too concerned with anything in particular, just getting moving, and getting the enthusiasm up.”

Over the next number of practices, the Huskies will look at pairing up players as they try and figure out their line combinations for the upcoming year. The squad will return to the rink for another practice Tuesday evening.