Recent chance for Taylor grocery store falls through

Taylor has been without a steady grocery store for decades, having to drive the 10 minutes up the hill to Fort St. John, and residents desperately want one back. 

“Ever since we lost all those in the 80s, everyone wants one,” says Mayor Fred Jarvis. “We came very close this time.” 

The District says it is always actively looking for more businesses to come to Taylor, and a grocery store is at the top of the list. To help with the process, Jarvis explains that the District has been actively buying up commercial property like the one Mr. Schulz was interested in. 

“It’s a very difficult enterprise to start up, especially when people can’t afford exaggerated prices. That’s why we make sure that we have property available to help them,” he says, adding that it’s not about competing with private property owners. 

Councillor Brad Filmer also says he’s been in contact with a developer in Edmonton who’s willing to put the District in touch with others who may be interested. He believes successfully bringing a grocery store would lead to other amenities coming to town. 

“We look at a grocery store as the centre of the community, and then other commercial businesses will start to gather around that.” 

Other top priorities for the community are better traffic control and safer highway crossings.