Taylor considering keeping reduced cost for leisure skating passes

Although the offer was well received by users, it wasn’t very successful, which Parks and Facilities Director Troy Gould attributes to bad timing. 

“Unfortunately, because we did it mid-season, there wasn’t as much interest in the skating on leisure ice time, so we only sold four,” he explains. “I do believe though, after talking with figure skating and minor hockey, that they’d be very interested in doing that.” 


The drop in fee for public skating at the arena is a $2 ticket, but Gould says it can be difficult to monitor who has purchased a ticket during the busy season of mid-October to mid-March, as skaters there to use the main arena don’t want to pay to use the ice while they’re waiting. 

“The people that come to the arena to public skate have no issues paying. It’s the ones that are there four or five times a week and just don’t pay. It’s hard to tell those kids to get off the ice,” he admits. “So I believe these nominal fees will end that.” 

Gould is proposing to keep the reduced passes for the 2013/2014 ice season, which he believes, along with more “aggressive” ticket checking, will end confrontation with skaters without tickets. It’s hoped the affordability of the passes will encourage them to pay, when they haven’t before.

Minor hockey and figure skating in Taylor would have the option of tacking on passes to their regular season fees. Family passes would also be eliminated. 

A decision on implementing the new skating fees will be made at the next District Council meeting.